Commercial Services:
As a professional photographer recognized as one of the country’s leading portrait artists, I am excited by
the prospect of working with you to develop dramatic, story telling images for your marketing, PR and
community relations needs. My work is currently featured in Sutter Delta Medical Center’s Your Health
magazine and used by both SDMC and Sutter Regional Medical Foundation in their print ads and on their
Web sites. I offer:
· Highly Competitive Rates
· Superior Quality
· Efficient Service
· Special Attention to Your Timelines and Deadlines

When working with health care organizations, I strive to portray the doctors and other medical
professionals in working clinical environments enjoying their working relationships with their patients and
staff. I offer Sutter Affiliates discount package rates that include:
· High resolution images, image usage rights and color & density guide prints.
· Black and white versions of all images at for no additional charge.
· Assistance with scheduling appointments, finding and setting-up locations and directions.
· Fashion and interior design consultations with subjects/models.
· Efficient, well planned photo sessions that are both comfortable and enjoyable for the subject/models.
· Thank you “gift photos” mailed to the participating patients and staff models.
· Model releases from all photographed subjects/models.

I am currently scheduling no-charge professional consultations with marketing directors in your area and
would very much like the opportunity to meet and discuss my services with you. You will find copies of my
work attached to this e-mail, and I am happy to provide my rates and services offered via e-mail upon